May 14, 2020

by Rohov Dmytro

Imagine there was a powerful tool that could positively affect your behavior? It’s called mottos. But first, let’s talk about marketing. To market better, companies use slogans. Slogans are used to influence our behavior.

Slogans are there to make an impact on our behavior.

These stuff make a difference:

Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

Just do it.

Think Different

Let’s do something cool. Let’s use this tool called «slogans» to keep us on track and pursue our personal goals.

Welcome, Mottos

What the hell is motto?

The motto is a short sentence or phrase chosen as encapsulating the beliefs or ideals of an individual, family, or institution.

Simply said:

Motto is a personal slogan.

When I find myself on a slippery road to breaking a good habit — I use a certain motto to help me out. And usually, its impact is enough to win the battle.

Working till late?

Evening is about shutdown.

This means I need to cool down, chill out, relax, end ongoing processes, finish my thoughts and so on and so forth.

Overwhelmed starting a new project?

Start simple.

And some more:

Treat every day as a story.

Do not optimize the future, optimize the past.

These mottos might not mean a lot to you now, but they help me make better choices in life. And you are in control of making better choices as well.

It’s time to make a better choice, it’s time to design your own mottos.

Designing Your Own Mottos

We all have encountered different thoughts that move us. Thіs information is extremely valuable.

Shape it. Support it. Use it.

Be careful. Mottos are NOT about what you WANT to believe. They are about your current beliefs, not the future ones. Just be careful NOT to pick fancy stuff that looks nice but doesn’t really click with you. Be honest with yourself.

Shape it

Identify what you strongly believe in and coin that into a short sentence.

It all starts with noticing.

Once I’ve noticed how important it is for me to build up positive momentum in the morning, I have zero doubts that it is my thing. It is my thing. It’s important for me, period.

Mornings are about momentum.

Write down your strongest beliefs — things, that are deeply connected to you and have a real impact on your behavior.

If you’re feeling like it — feel free to steal someone’s phrasing, easily. It’s yours if it’s yours. Pay attention. When you consume content and a phrase strikes your heart — write it down.

Ready. Set. Go!

In the beginning, it’s not THAT important how well they are articulated. It’s what you put into the sentence, the personal meaning.


What makes a motto more powerful is what it’s connected to. Think Coca Cola putting billions of dollars into advertising to support its brand. You might also want to support your personal slogans. They should be deeply connected with your goals, beliefs, emotions.

Write that down.

Mottos are powered by both rational and irrational factors. Rational arguments and emotional coloring make a cool combo. In other words:

  • Can you explain your belief?
  • Does it excite you?

When you consume content you might come across stuff that supports your motto. For example, when I’ve persuaded myself (made it an internal belief) that consistency is important, I hear it from almost every person I follow. Consistently.

Use Them

Bring your motto to life and use it like a weapon contextually. It’s your tool, your beliefs. Use accordingly.


It takes time to shape your worldview and find internal hacks, but it’s totally worth it. Shape your beliefs concisely in order to use them effectively. Support them with internal and external evidences and you will become better, faster and stronger.

Mottos are not a magic wand, but the world is complex enough so we can neglect what we actually believe. These reminders are a powerful mechanism to identify yourself and navigate life better.

Just do it.

What is your motto and what is the background behind it?


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