September 15, 2019

by Rohov Dmytro

I used to love trying out new apps. Now I am avoiding it. I am consciously resisting to new and shiny shit promising the great afterlife after installing it. And it's a lie.

Trying out, managing, migrating and tuning out “perfect” apps is a hell of a job. Part of my brain enjoys it, part of my brain understands it brings me so little value. And still every app promises to resolve all the problems of the world before failing at some point.

And here is a truth:

There are simple apps and there are painful apps and there are a couple of exceptions.

The job of the marketers is to sell every app as a simple and exceptional. Gmail as a Note Taking App

Gmail as a Note Taking App
My current go to behavior is using basic apps with basic functionality adapting my needs to those apps. Plus a couple of exceptions.
What’s about Gmail?

In my last trip I figure it’s nice to use Gmail as a note taking app by writing draft emails to myself. It works offline, “syncs” with the web, editing experience is okay, ability to attach files to a “note”. And no need to look for another app. It’s a small win!

The simpler the app — the better, the less of the apps — the better. The less complex the system the easier the overhead is.

Keep it simple. Mobile apps including.


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