September 04, 2019

by Rohov Dmytro

How to improvise? It's a common question. And I will share my attitude to practice sessions that helps a lot.

I, personally, don’t prefer to choose good things when I’m dancing. I prefer good things to pop up in the moment by themselves. It is an important distinction. It’s a difference between being busy deciding and being free enjoying.

Every now and then you have an experience that stuff «just» happened. You have no idea how. Maybe it was some rhythm or a move or whatever. It happened automatically. It happened automagically.

This is what I am looking for.

The Attitude
Practice different options until the process of choosing will be eliminated.

What is wrong with choosing? Nothing. Having a choice is a good thing. But the process of constant decision making in real time may be not that fun.

  • Choosing distracts
  • Choosing takes resources

    Time, attention, ...

  • Choosing might be stresful

You eliminate choosing by building habits. The quality of the habits matters. And those habits are very simple to describe. They should:

  • Fit your character
  • Have a built-in relation to the music
  • Keep you in the connection with your partner

    In case of a partner dance

It may seem counter intuitive but habits create freedom by freing up your resources due to automatic nature of habits.

And Example About Bouncing

Bounce can be learned as a forceful action upon your body. It may be fine for some period. The better reason is «music makes me groove». To sound less methaphysical you can imagine a simplified idea «I am bouncing because of a bass player and a drummer. I react to them playing».

So bounce can be learned as a reaction to a rhythm section. This attitude makes me bounce when I hear music. I’ve delegated this thing to a music and it should take care of my movement. Automatically.

Practice => Habits => Freedom

This main point is to create good habits that allow you to be more present a.k.a being in the state of flow.

I like improvisation when it’s not about me choosing steps but rather when it’s about having no choice while doing your best.

The most important question is what habits are you building. Habits that pop out from your body and sound are very useful because they increase freedom.

  • Questions
  • Do your practice sessions increase your level of freedom on a dance floor?
  • Does material you practice pops up from you automatically? If no, why?
  • What habits do you form during your practice sessions?
  • What triggers stuff that you have practiced? Where does the movement start from?

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