June 01, 2019

by Rohov Dmytro

A powerful insight of mine about hacking perfectionism, feeling better, being more productive and unblocking myself to get things done.

Here is a common situation I have encountered plenty of times:

Idea ⇒ Inspiration ⇒ Perfectionism ⇒ Block

And here is mine insight on why this is happening.

Mood represents the momentum. The momentum allows actions to flow. Perfectionism tends to change that mood, kills the momentum and leads to a struggle.

Let’s unwrap it.

Mood As An Engine

Once I’ve read a powerful opinion about the mood. And an insight I’ve experienced is this:

Mood represents the momentum. Momentum leads to actions.

Momentum is like a wave you can climb and ride. It’s just so easier when it’s fun and joyful. It’s a really nice friend to accompany your actions.

And it clicked for me.

The mood is not only nice to have. The mood is quite a requirement.

You can definitely ignore it and fight through. But it’s a totally different strategy.

If you want to explore roots of this insight, check out this long-read.

Mood as Extrapolation Engine: Using Emotions to Generate Momentum

Perfectionism as a Mood Killer

My experience from a perspective of mood and momentum: perfectionism is their biggest nemesis!

  • Perfectionism
  • Interrupts
  • Kills the flow
  • Not that fun
  • Overwhelms
  • Raises expectations that is hard to execute in practice
  • Changes the mood
  • Kills the momentum
The most common end result of perfectionism is a struggle to act

Recognizing The Tradeoff

It’s extremely hard for me to combine «perfect» and «fun». Fun vs perfect is a tradeoff I have to negotiate about with myself.

  • Recipe for productivity
  • Recognize the power of mood on actions
  • Protect the mood
  • Stuff to think about
  • Should you do stuff if you feel like shit doing it? Is it a path of becoming a better human or beating yourself until you break? Maybe it's both?
  • How does execution of the idea influence your mood?
  • Is it possible to combine having fun and perfectionism?
  • What kills your mood?
  • What about bad mood and momentum?
Let the mood be with you!

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