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Personal Growth

To live day as it is a story.


Everything can be viewed as a tool. Phone, pen, body, books, trees, voice, emotions, city etc


It's so important to find what things are blocking you.


Nothing is nonsense. Everything has its depth.


A single picture has its depth. Comics has another depth. Movie has another depth. But production of those increases exponentially.


Approach I am using to ignore content and filter it out — filtering by shallowness.


Momentum is great for productivity. Investigating into best practices and following them might overwhelm and kill that momentum.


Content strategy. Writing articles on some topic. Then combine them into useful PDF. Then market PDF.


I am using context switching to produce content. Occasionally going to a cafe works like a charm to focus on writing.

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My tip is pinging myself to avoid task switching. I do it by asking «What the hell am I doing?». Then I recall my focus back to the roots.


Even pre-MVP product should be tested by users.


Unavoidable conflicts can be treated as challenges that make us stronger.

#Personal Growth

I have defined for myself what is deep learning. My new rule of thumb is avoiding shallow learning and practice more of deep learning.


Ignoring none-verbal information just makes things more complicated and resourceful.


If you are defined by outside metrics — you might be in danger.


Body as a source of input of information. How good do you process that information?


Every finished chunk of work should be at least somewhat satisfying.

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Internet is a shared reality of ours.


We are evolutionary optimised to perform in groups.

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What gives you momentum?

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I tend to believe in a healthy balance of things. But here is a thing. Some top achievers among us tend to nail it by disturbing that balance. Observers formalise their success. So we end up with an unhealthy guides to «success»

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Now I am valuing content with personal point of view more than ever.


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