Hi! I'm Dmytro Rohov

I am sharing practical tips on how to create an optimal entrepreneurial life.

Mine is about heathy mix of products building, swing dancing, martial arts, family time using habits, mindset & tools. I haven't mastered the balance yet, but I'm on the way.

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Transformative Information, Relatable To You

I share information that helps me to come one step closer to suceeding in the field of creative enterpreneurship. All backed up my real, hopefully relatable, experience.

Short Form


To live day as it is a story.


Everything can be viewed as a tool. Phone, pen, body, books, trees, voice, emotions, city etc


It's so important to find what things are blocking you.


Nothing is nonsense. Everything has its depth.


A single picture has its depth. Comics has another depth. Movie has another depth. But production of those increases exponentially.



Rohov Dmytro

Enterpreneur. Dancer. Programmer. Creator. Building tools.

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