September 07, 2019

by Rohov Dmytro

On day some room happens to be in a mess. And there is not desire to clean it up because, well, it's a mess. It's a solid argument to keep in in that way and spectate it worsening.

But there is a solution. And, thankfully, it’s NOT about cleaning the whole thing. Hurrey!

The Principle
1 step back, 2 step forward.

What does it mean?

Every time I add a new bit of mess I should clean it and take away from the previous debt.

If I’ve used a dish — I should clean two dishes. If I picking up a pair of socks, I should pick two of them. Etc.

It’s huge, it’s working, it’s recommended. What is also great — it’s easy.

It takes time but the mess gradually disappears. And what is much, much more useful is that I’m building a habit of cleaning.

The mess gradually disappears. The habit of taking care about things appears. Profit!


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